Leenders Sielverkoper Red Blend 2017

R690.00 per case of 6 bottles

Cultivar:                           Syrah, Mourvedre, Carignan, Grenache Nior.

Appellation:                     W.O. Western Cape

In 1639, Wijnand Leenders was born in the small forest town called Bezuidenhout, located between Haarlem and Alkmaar in Holland. A farmer with an adventurous spirit and nurturing nature, Wijnand decided to set out to the tip of Africa on the 15 August 1665 – when he was just 27 years old.

After a brief stopover in Ghana along the way, Wijnand arrived at Table Bay in Cape Town 6 months later, on the 30 January 1666 – a mere 28 days after the flagstone of the Castle, a now historic landmark in the Cape Town city centre, had been laid.

He was soon to be appointed as Head Gardener at the Company’s Gardens. In this historic garden where fresh produce was cultivated for passing ships, some of the first vineyards in South Africa were also grown. Wijnand Leenders (later Bezuidenhout) became one of the first vine growers and winemakers at the Southern Tip of Africa.

On the 10th March 1674, while doing his gardening duties, Wijnand sat on top of a cart full of wood while being pulled out of a forest. Normal practice would have been to walk beside the cart, not sit atop. Having done so many times before, sadly this time around Wijnand was not as lucky, with the cart unexpectedly turning over and killing him under an unsuspecting avalanche of wood.

Today, centuries later, his legacy is honoured by a new generation of Bezuidenhout-family winemakers. The Bezuidenhout family are a direct lineage of Leenders. The Leenders family name was amended to the the Dutch version of ‘van Bezuidenhout’, which is a name that still lives on strongly in the Cape today. To ensure the ‘Leenders’ name is not lost in history, the Bezuidenhout winemakers have decided to craft elegant wines of a bold and hearty nature that celebrate Wijnand Leenders and his legacy of working the land to produce the finest fruit.

Description: ‘Sielverkoper’ or ‘soul trader’ harks back to the sly fellow who would recruit sailors onto merchant ships under the pretense of promised fortunes upon their return from Holland – only to sell their earnings while they were away. This wine honours the many hardworking mariners who soullessly travelled the seven seas.

Alc: 14%

Tasting Notes: Sielverkoper is a red blend of rich and dark Syrah, some spicy Mourvèdre, full-bodied Carignan and juicy Grenache noir. It is a rich and complex wine with spicy cigar-box notes and a full mouthfeel. It is ready to drink now, but will age for 5 to 8 years.




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