Montpellier Spyseniersberg 2014

R660.00 per case of 6 bottles


Cultivar:          Cabernet Sauvignon (40%) Shiraz (31%) Merlot (15%) Petit Verdot (14%)

Origin:             Tulbagh

Soils:               Deep well drained stony soils with underlying clay

Trellis:               Trellised Vines

Yield:               6 tons per hectare


Cold Maceration takes place for 12 hours allowing maximum color extraction. The juice is then inoculated with specifically selected wine yeast and allowed to ferment at a carefully monitored optimum temperature. Pump-overs are combined with punch-downs and are done 3 times per day. Maturation is done in French Oak barrels for 12 months, after which the best barrels are selected from each varietal, blended and bottled.

 Tasting Notes:

Spyseniersberg is a full bodied red wine abounds with red fruit, plum and rose petals. It is well balanced in tannin and acidity, adding a firm yet elegant mouth-feel, making it a delight for both connoisseur and novice alike.

Technical Analysis:

Alc:      13.55%

pH:      3.50

RS:       3.8

TA:       5.51g/


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