Rhebokskloof Grape Juice 2015

R210.00 per case of 6 bottles

Cultivar:                                          Muscat Seedless

Appellation:                                    W.O. Paarl

Rhebokskloof Wine Estate, situated in the historic Paarl valley, is nestled between the granite hills of the Paarl Rock Mountains, creating a unique micro-climate.

Grape Juice Making: The grapes were picked at 17,6 Degree Balling and then crushed and destemmed with SO2 and pectolytic enzyme added. The Juice was settled and racked together with an adjustment of TA being done with tartaric acid. Protein was stabilized with bentonite and then cross filtered followed by cold stabilization and bottling. No water was added.

This delightfully, unsweetened natural grape juice will quench the driest of thirsts, leaving the palate feeling revitalized and refreshed. Enjoy Rhebokskloof White Grape Juice super-chilled in a tall glass with ice, or simply on its own




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